Im Tisha, I'm a punk from Vancouver. You'll see a lot of the stuff I like here: punk, psychobilly/rockabilly, zombies, mohawks, pompadours, greasers, and pokemon

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Track: Crack Rock Steady
Artist: Choking Victim
Album: No Gods, No Managers

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The above picture you see is off the elephant’s foot, a radioactive mass. It’s from the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. 

These are the effects:

After just 30 seconds of exposure, dizziness and fatigue will find you a week later. Two minutes of exposure and your cells will begin to hemorrhage (ruptured blood vessels); four minutes: vomiting, diarrhea, and fever. 300 seconds and you have two days to live. 



The coolest thing about this photo is definitely the radiation damage. Look at the bright squiggles, and the way the man seems to be in two places at once. This is because even as the photo is being taken, the radiation is causing severe damage to the camera.

According to another source, the man in the photograph and the cameraman are now dead. Apparently, the radiation would have been too high for them to live more than a few years after this, even if they had just run in, snapped the photo, and ran out again. If they spent more than a few seconds here, it’s possible they could have died even quicker.

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"Catholic School Survivor"

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i treat the hoenn region as if it’s my child

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Horrorpops- Walk Like a Zombie

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I need more music to listen to.

send me Psychobilly, and Punk bands. STAT.

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